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Cyber Safe.

Let us take care of the cyber risk for you while delivering the latest Microsoft Office applications and collaboration tools. You can get on with running your business while we keep the bad guys out. 

We call this the Managed Secure Desktop.


Our Benefits


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Fewer vulnerabilities

Fewer vulnerabilities means fewer options for a hacker to exploit. Keep updated with the latest patches and upgrades as soon as they are released, not days and months later.

Secure authentication

Multi Factor Authentication makes it much harder for hackers to access your account, even if you accidently fall for a phishing attack.

Secure data

Whether it’s on the device or in the cloud, we will detect and stop hackers stealing your information using proven industry techniques combined with advanced security tools and Artificial Intelligence.

We’re watching over you

If we see something suspicious in your environment then we’ll let you know. We can even create an agreed playbook to take immediate action on your behalf if things are getting out of hand.

Advanced protection

60% of cyber attacks don’t use malware or viruses. Your old antivirus simply won’t protect you from modern cyber threats. You need the best next-generation endpoint protection and we have it.  

Security Packages

Phishing, ransomware, data breaches.

New Zealand businesses get hit by cyber attacks every day and it's costing organisations through lost customers, damaged reputations and recovery expenses. 

Hackers take advantage of unpatched devices and old applications but can also easily steal your data in the cloud unless you have someone watching your back.

Add a device

Microsoft M365 
(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, SharePoint)

Service Desk Support 
(telephone, email, online)

Immediate software patching and upgrades

Next-generation anti-virus

Advanced phishing protection

Multi Factor Authentication               

Continuous Office 365

cloud security monitoring 

Cloud data security for

SharePoint and OneDrive

Monthly reporting

Dedicated Service Delivery Manager           

24/7/365 Security Monitoring

and threat hunting

Email encryption

Dark web monitoring for early indications

of a cyber attack

Mobile device security management           

Data Loss Prevention

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*limited to a maximum of 300 users. For over 300 users add $20/user/month

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monthly subscription, minimum 3 year term and T&Cs apply


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